Rubber Pavers - offer a great alternative to traditional pavers

Rubber Pavers are an extremely durable anti-slip flooring surface that is virtually maintenance free and suitable for sidewalks, walkways, patios and decks around your Home & Garden Landscaping people have found these pavers very useful as rooftop flooring due to their excellent drainage.

Rubber Pavers

Polyboard - out performs conventional sheet material

Polyboard is the unique All-Weather, Eco-friendly, Virtually-everlasting, Waterproof sheet material offering total environmental protection. Polyboard out performs other conventional sheet materials in all applications indoors, outdoors, underground and even underwater, its versatile uses are only limited by your imagination.


Deck Tile - eco-friendly recycled plastic

Deck Tile manufactured from recycled plastics, are  the ideal eco-friendly finished surface for patio’s, balconies, roof top garden walkways and roof mounted mechanical equipment access pathways

Deck Tile

SkaterBlend – environmentally friendly skateboard park construction

Environmentally friendly SkaterBlend is made from 100% clean, unprocessed industrial plastic scrap with “zero heat history”. This means that the molecular structure of SkaterBlend gives it amazing physical properties, making it the ideal skate board ramp surface.


Recycled Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber makes the perfect solution to any application that requires durability with water or mould resistance. It will take a screw or nail better than any wood product available. It will never split, rot or break – guaranteed.

Plastic Lumber

Baleboard’s® - Features

An innovative, high-quality plastic lumber that’s linear low density polyethylene, non-toxic and easy to use. Baleboard® is manufactured from recycled agricultural bale wrap and greenhouse covering.


HDPE Sheets - High Density Polyethylene

HDPE is available with very high UV protection to withstand many years in direct sunlight. This type of sheet is commonly known as puck board, and is used in applications like automotive racking, general commercial manufacturing, food industry, fishing industry, marine applications, home and garden, transportation, agricultural stabling and buildings.

HDPE sheets

renew-resourcesRenew Resources is committed to protect the environment by recycling waste plastic to usable products. This not only helps in conserving our natural resources but is also very cost efficient. This Recycled Plastic can be used as a perfect substitute in many areas from packaging to commercial or residential construction.

Our New SkaterBlend is 100% recycled material that is an integrated wood/polymer composite material. It has the same strength and longevity as plastic, but with the easy use of wood. Its outstanding screw holding strength allows it to be screwed within 1/4″ of an edge without splitting. It is highly resistant to damage from weather,insects, mold and fungus. The new SkaterBlend comes in a 4’x8x’1/4″ sheet size. –  Read More

Our High Density Polyethylene HDPE is the most common plastic sheet on the market. It is also very durable for harsh climate.

Saving one tree at a time

Renew Resources is dedicated to encouraging the use of recycled plastic with less dependence on the world’s ever shrinking non-renewable resources.

Plastic Lumber Roof Access Walkway

A growing number of large commercial industrial and residential buildings are being constructed with a flat roof or “green roof” structure for design, functionality, and environmental purposes. As a consequence, there is an increasing need to provide eco friendly...

Deck Tile – eco-friendly recycled plastic

Recycled Plastic can be used as a perfect substitute in many areas of construction. When compared to traditional materials recycled plastics are easy to use, low maintenance, will not rot, delaminate or become infested, and eventually are themselves recyclable, the...

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