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Pallet and Dunnage
product of Renew Resources

Our plastic pallets are made from 100% recycled plastic and have all the attributes of lumber, but none of the disadvantages. Our plastic pallets are used in industries that demand a durable long lasting pallet.  Our custom plastic pallets are made-to-order in any size or configuration . 

Why Choose 100% Recycled Plastic Pallets?

  • Life is 10 – 40 times longer than wood

  • Lower life cycle costs (cost per trip)

  • Has a residual (trade-in) value up to 25%

  • Used Plastic Pallets are 100% recyclable

  • Extremely durable and tough 

  • Easy to sanitize and clean

  • Resistance to moistures and will not rot or corrode

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures 

  • Resistance to acids and other chemicals

  • No product damage due to broken pallets

  • Improved safety and performance

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