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Plastic Lumber
product of Renew Resources

Whether in the park, on the farm or in the factory, our lumber is the perfect solution to any application that requires durability with water or mould resistance. Our 100% recycled lumber has unlimited uses including decks, docks, furnishings, fencing, commercial applications, construction, concrete forming, marine, seawalls, bleachers, boardwalks – the applications are endless.  Plastic lumber will take a screw or nail better than any wood product available and will never split, rot or break – guaranteed.




  • low maintenance

  • does not rot

  • does not delaminate

  • does not become infested and eventually is, itself recyclable!

Our “Grey” Lumber has a finished quality and is used for exposed surfaces, while our “UTILITY” Blend is a good-looking less-expensive alternative when colour and exposure are not as important. Although our standard colour is grey, colour customizing of the recycled material is available for an additional fee.


A wide variety of dimensional lumber is available in all of the standard sizes and more. If you have a specific size requirement we not only custom cut or plane a board to your dimensions but in our Custom Shop we can create your own exclusive sized board or part. Although our standard colour is grey, colour customizing of the recycled material is available for an additional fee.


Not only do we produce our lumber using 100% recycled plastic but all of our products are recyclable. All of our customers are encouraged to send back the plastic product when the use is finished. We will recycle it again and use it to solve other needs.


  • Will not splinter, peel, rot, crack, split or degrade 

  • Denser than wood 

  • Virtually maintenance free 

  • Stain resistant 

  • Graffiti resistant 

  • Waterproof 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Less slippery than wood when wet 

  • Impervious to wood destroying organisms 

  • Works with any wood fastener 

  • Bendable 

  • Requires no painting or sealing 

  • It can be worked with standard wood working tools such as saws, routers, sanders and drills 

  • It provides a good shock-absorbing surface for pedestrian traffic, such as runners and hikers 

  • Plastic lumber holds nails and screws approximately 40% better than wood. 

  • It is 20% more abrasion resistant then wood. 

  • Plastic lumber is both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

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