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Our SkaterBlend is a recycled plastic sheet that can stand up to any adverse condition, Heat, Rain and Snow. The perfect Skateboard Ramp material.

  • The molecular structure of SkaterBlend gives it amazing physical properties, making it ideal skateboard ramp surface or substrate.

  • SkaterBlend outlasts most conventional construction materials. Subjected to the most severe conditions, SkaterBlend shows ZERO loss or performance.

  • It does not rust, corrode or deteriorate in wet or damp conditions, making it the ideal material for your next skateboard park design.

  • Compare our SkaterBlend to conventional building materials to do the job while other materials require constant maintenance to prevent yellowing, splintering, rotting, delaminating or rusting.

  • SkaterBlend requires very little maintenance and will not deteriorate which makes it a great for skateboard parks.

  • Best of all its at an affordable price when you consider how long it will outlast conventional building materials that need replacing every few years.

  • Testing done on Skaterblend found that it’s internal bond strength is 4 times greater than OSB; and nail and screw holding capacity equal to or greater than plywood and OSB.


Because of its composite nature, it has the benefits of cutting like engineered wood panels but reduces the amount of dust, splinters and other nuisances associated with cutting wood. It requires no special tools for cutting and installing which make it an easy installation for your skate ramp surface.



  • *Extremely versatile for interior and exterior uses

  • *Can be washed without warping or damage

  • Highly resistant to termites and other insects

  • *Virtually waterproof—lower surface and edge absorption in comparison to wood and wood panel products

  • *With an 11.5” radius of curvature on a standard eight foot board length and the ability to withstand even tighter curvature when framed,

  • *Can be cut as easily as wood with traditional circular saw and carbide tipped blade

  • *Won’t split or crack when screwed within ¼” of edge

  •  *100% recycled plastic sheet material


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