Deck Tiles
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Our Deck Tiles are manufactured from recycled plastic products and come completely pre-assembled. 

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  • Installation is quick and easy.

  • Unique risers strips on the underside keep these tiles above ground allowing water to properly drain.

  • The tiles can be laid in any pattern and still allow water to flow underneath.


Although primarily built to cover concrete surfaces, including roof tops, patios and balconies, the tiles can be laid directly on the ground for temporary or permanent yard patios. Tiles come in (22.75″x 22.75“) and stand 1 1/4” above the applied surface. Our other products include Plastic Pallets, which are also manufactured from recycled plastic. These pallets are water and weather proof, light weight and more durable than wood. If you are looking for an alternative decking material, we highly recommend Plastic Lumber because of several reasons:

  • Low cost

  • Extreme durability

  • Doesn’t rot or split

  • Non-toxic

  • High strength

  • Can be worked upon just like wood.


  • Flooring in outdoor showers

  • Dog run floors

  • Roof deck above a garage

  • Flooring for trade shows and flea market

  • Flooring in front of equipment

  • Flooring in barns

  • Patio around motor homes

  • Flooring for apartment balconies

Plastic Lumber
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Whether in the park, on the farm or in the factory, our lumber is used for everything from picnic tables to board walks to crating materials to portable toilets. Plastic lumber makes the perfect solution to any application that requires durability with water or mould resistance. It will take a screw or nail better than any wood product available. It will never split, rot or break – guaranteed.

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  • low maintenance

  • does not rot

  • does not delaminate

  • does not become infested and eventually is, itself recyclable!

Our “Grey” Lumber has a finished quality and is used for exposed surfaces, while our “UTILITY” Blend is a good-looking less-expensive alternative when color and exposure are not as important.


A wide variety of dimensional lumber is available in all of the standard sizes and more. Our most popular sizes are the 1 1/2 x 1 1/2, 2 x 4, 2 x 6, 4 x 4 and 3 x 6. If you have a specific size requirement we not only custom cut or plane a board to your dimensions but in our Custom Shop we can create for you your own exclusive sized board or part. Although our standard color is grey, color customizing of the recycled material is available for an additional fee.

Not only do we produce using 100% recycled plastic but all of our products are recyclable. All of our customers are encouraged to send back the plastic product when the use is finished. We will recycle it again and use it to solve other needs.

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The heightened awareness of our civic duty toward environmental protection has changed the North American corporate culture. Responsible major corporations now insist on using products, which are manufactured from recycled materials, themselves recyclable and reusable, thus helping to ensure a greener and healthier community. The performing arts need a new and unique eco friendly stage material!


Stageboard is exactly what theatres need – it is different as well as unique. Unlike other so-called recycled materials, it is a true eco-product. That is why The Canadian Government and U.S. Pentagon have selected products made of this material, which are now widely used by all Government departments. The material has also been awarded the most coveted “Eco-Mark’ by the Japanese Government’s EPA.


Stageboard is a Canadian manufactured hygienic recycled product, that eliminates polluting plastic waste, helping to save our trees and rainforest. Stageboard is fully recyclable, reusable and will help to provide environmental protection for your community.


Stageboard is waterproof, decay proof and sound deadening, abrasion-resistant, impact resistant, chemical resistant, washable, non-toxic, arsenic-free and termite-repellent. It is in fact virtually indestructible, and is maintenance free.

Tougher than wood, Stageboard easily withstands heavy impacts (it is used in the Rhino house at the Zoo) and resist splintering when theatre stage marking adhesive tapes are removed. It is as easy to use as wood, having excellent nail or screw holding ability (with no pre-drilling required), but it has no lumber defect’s whatsoever. It never rots, cracks, splits, or de-laminates. Its solid body completely cuts off moisture that will erode wood and wood plastic composites.


Stageboard is available in 1/4″ (6mm) and 3/8” (9.5mm)  thick and is black coloured right through (not just a surface finish). Standard sheet sizes are 4′x 8‘ (1.22 M x 2.44 M)


We would be very pleased to forward samples and to provide pricing for your application. In the meantime for further details and specifications.

product of Renew Resources
Polyboard is used as a plywood panel replacement in numerous applications from the transport industry for trailer floors and walls, to agriculture for pen and stable dividers.
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Odourless / Non Toxic


More Useful Than Wood


Virtually Everlasting


Environmentally Friendly





Safe to Use


Never Splits, Cracks, Or Delaminates, No Lumber Defects


Corrosion Proof, Chemical, Rodent, And Abrasion-Resistant, Termite Proof,  Uv-Resistant


Fully Recyclable



Decay-Proof Fungi-Repellent


Use It Anywhere


Applications Only Limited By Your Imagination


Saves You Money

Zero Waste


Polyboard is an Environmentally Friendly Product made from hygienic industrial and commercial waste and can be constantly reused and recycled.


Recycled: Polyboard is made of 100% clean, unprocessed industrial plastic scrap with “zero heat history”. Today, very few companies can offer a 100% recycled product. i.e. direct conversion without the use of lubricants, stabilizers and virgin additives. Polyboard does not produce any waste and pollutants during its manufacture or in use.


Polyboard’s proprietary compounding extrusion is among the most energy efficient of all known compounding extrusion technologies.


Polyboard is versatile and can be heat formed, vacuum formed, laminated, sawn, nailed, screwed, glued, and painted.


Typical Applications range from sub-flooring to sheathing, siding, walling, partitioning, hoarding, fencing, road-signs, skate board ramps, animal shelters, recycle bins, shooting ranges, arena’s, garden furniture, pallets, bus/truck/railcar/container flooring and lining and much more.


Its applications are quite literally only limited by your imagination.

product of Renew Resources
Sunwalk 2

Sun Walk Docks is a Canadian made engineered panel designed to be the finished surface for docks, decks, and walkways. Its anti-slip, water / UV resistance, and low-maintenance, make it ideal for virtually any outdoor surface.

Wood wears smooth, and can becoming slippery when wet. It can rot, suffer attack by marine organisms and may support the growth of algae.

  • Walkway planks can sag and warp unevenly, creating a hazard and potential accident.

  • Even expensive hardwood walkways are subject to these problems and will need constant maintenance and replacing periodically.


Renew Resources Sun Walk Docks decking is made up of panels rather than the usual planks, (5’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’, 3’ x 4’ and 2’ x 4’). Panels are moulded from standard polyester resin, with ultraviolet (UV) resistant additives.


  • These materials are highly durable and will last practically for ever.

  • They are unaffected by salt or fresh water, acids and fuel.

  • The panels have a balanced slip resistant pattern of perforations through which sunlight can pass  helping to keep vegetation alive beneath the dock, minimizing the effects of your dock on the environment.

  • The perforations also help minimize the effect on your dock from wave and storm surge, they allow water and other liquids to drain through, keeping the walking surface clean, at the same time preventing small items falling into the water if dropped.


Sun Walk Dock weighs less than other decking materials which makes it more manageable when assembling your dock. Impact resistance is high and the material can deflect repeatedly without deforming permanently.

Sun Walk Dock is safe for barefoot walking, unlike wood which can splinter.


Click here to download the Sun Walk Docks Brochure as a PDF

  • Docks

  • Piers

  • Decks

  • Patio’s

  • Pools and Spa’s

  • Walkways


All area’s subject to storm effect or requiring sensitivity to the environment.

  • 42% Open area allows light filtration through the panel

  • Wave action resistant

  • Corrosion, insect, and Marine Borer resistant

  • UV and chemical resistant

  • Impact resistant

  • Slip resistant

  • High strength & light weight

  • Anti fatigue

  • Non conductive, non magnetic, non sparking

  • Maintenance free

  • Interlocking panels are easy and quick to install

  • Long life

  • Minimal expansion and contraction due to temperature change.

  • Can be used with metal, wood or aluminium substructures


Colors: Sarasota Sand,

Cape Cod Gray

  • Sizes & Weight

  • 5’ x 4’ – 26.0 lbs

  • 4’ x 4’ – 20.8 lbs

  • 3’ x 4’ – 15.6 lbs

  • 40 pcs. Per pallet

  • 12 Year Limited Warranty


Colors: Cedar, Cape Cod Gray

  • Size & Weight

  • 2’ x 4’ – 12.0 lbs

  • 56 pcs. Per pallet

  • 12 Year Limited Warranty

product of Renew Resources
  • HDPE (High-density polyethylene) is the most common plastic sheet on the market. It is also very durable for harsh climate.

  • HDPE is available with very high UV protection to withstand many years in direct sunlight. This type of sheet is commonly known as puck board, and is used in applications like automotive racking, general commercial manufacturing, food industry, fishing industry, marine applications, home and garden, transportation, agricultural stabling and buildings.

  • HDPE sheets are available in many different colors, thicknesses and sheet sizes.

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Rubber Pavers offer a great alternative to traditional pavers.

Rubber Pavers are an extremely durable anti-slip flooring surface that is virtually maintenance free and suitable for sidewalks, walkways, patios and decks around your Home & Garden Landscaping people have found these pavers very useful as rooftop flooring due to their excellent drainage.


Unlike Concrete Pavers, Brick Pavers or Asphalt, Rubber Pavers are a Soft Flooring that’s easy on the joints and very comfortable for walking, standing, kneeling or playing.


This low maintenance and cost effective surface can be used in numerous outdoor area in both residential and commercial application.


The manufacturing process employs Green process by utilizing 100% Recycled Rubber commonly created by Scrap Tire Recycling, making the Rubber Pavers very Environmentally Friendly.


  • Pavers measure 9 1/8″ x 9 1/8″ x 2″ thick

  • Maximum Comfort and Traction

  • Reduces Physical Stress

  • Non-Slip

  • Increases Efficient Resting Time

  • Ideal Insulation from Wet or Cold Floors

  • Helps avoid Dust Allergies and Respiratory Diseases

  • Excellent Sound Reduction

  • Provides Access to Mobility Impaired and Disable Individuals

  • Use for Exterior or interior installations on Parking Garages, Driveways, Parking Decks, Auto Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plants, Laboratories, Courtyards, Amusement Parks, Golf Cart Paths, Walking Trails, Athletic Fields, Animal Husbandry Facilities, Pool Decks and Patios. Can be installed on rubber roofing,concrete,wood decks, asphalt and aggregate base.

product of Renew Resources

Our New SkaterBlend is a plastic/wood composite that can stand up to any adverse condition, Heat, Rain and Snow.

  • The molecular structure of SkaterBlend gives it amazing physical properties, making it ideal skateboard ramp surface or substrate.

  • SkaterBlend outlasts most conventional construction materials. Subjected to the most severe conditions, SkaterBlend shows ZERO loss or performance.

  • It does not rust, corrode or deteriorate in wet or damp conditions, making it the ideal material for your next skateboard park design.

  • Compare our SkaterBlend to conventional building materials to do the job while other materials require constant maintenance to prevent yellowing, splintering, rotting, delaminating or rusting.

  • SkaterBlend requires very little maintenance and will not deteriorate which makes it a great for skateboard parks.

  • Best of all its at an affordable price when you consider how long it will outlast conventional building materials that need replacing every few years.

  • Testing done on Skaterblend found that it’s internal bond strength is 4 times greater than OSB; and nail and screw holding capacity equal to or greater than plywood and OSB.


Because of its composite nature, it has the benefits of cutting like engineered wood panels but reduces the amount of dust, splinters and other nuisances associated with cutting wood. It requires no special tools for cutting and installing which make it an easy installation for your skate ramp surface.


  • *Extremely versatile for interior and exterior uses

  • *Can be washed without warping or damage

  • Highly resistant to termites and other insects

  • *Virtually waterproof—lower surface and edge absorption in comparison to wood and wood panel products

  • *With an 11.5” radius of curvature on a standard eight foot board length and the ability to withstand even tighter curvature when framed,

  • *Can be cut as easily as wood with traditional circular saw and carbide tipped blade

  • *Won’t split or crack when screwed within ¼” of edge

  •  *100% recycled plastic sheet material

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