Polyboard is the unique All-Weather, Eco-friendly, Virtually-everlasting, Waterproof sheet material offering total environmental protection. Polyboard out performs other conventional sheet materials in all applications indoors, outdoors, underground and even underwater, its versatile uses are only limited by your imagination.

Features: waterproof, decay-proof, weatherproof, sound deadening, corrosion-resistant, high impact-resistant, termite-repellent, freeze-thaw-resistant, UV-resistant, power-washable, arsenic-free, odourless, non-toxic, virtually everlasting and recyclable.

Polyboard will never rot, crack, splinter or delaminate under any adverse climate condition, and its solid body will completely cut off moisture which will ruin wood or WPC. It will remain intact even submerged in water for 100 years!

It is manufactured from hygienic unprocessed industrial plastic scrap with “zero heat history” which means that the molecular structure of Polyboard gives it amazing physical properties. You can nail, screw, cut, glue, paint, heat form, and even vacuum form it.

Polyboard has become the industry standard for anti-moisture sub flooring, high impact resistant scuff-liners for trailers, loading docks and walls, chew and kick proof animal partitions on farms and in Zoo’s.

Polyboard is available in a wide range of gauges from 6 mm (1/4”)

to 28 mm (1-1/8”) in standard sheet size of 4′ x 8′.

Renew Resources provide of fully recycled industrial plastic products. They are extremely safe, have very long lives, are environmentally friendly and require zero or low maintenance. This means they have excellent whole life costs when compared to hardwood and composite alternatives.

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